Wonton Soup 餛飩湯

It was a cold November morning when a childhood memory came back to me.  The weather was grey and rainy, mom was too lazy to cook so she sent me running over to the restaurant next door and order my favorite wonton soup for lunch.  It was served in a light broth with a few pieces of salted vegetables.  I am lucky that the restaurant still exists after all these years and I always make sure to go for a wonton soup every time I visit Taipei.

Now that winter is approaching, I would like to share this experience with you.  To make it simple to prepare, I have created a kit : a portion of my homemade bouillon (chicken or vegetable), salted vegetables (yes, the same as my favorite restaurant) and dried spring onions are packed with each portion of wonton.  All needs to be done is to boil 1 liter of hot water in a medium sized pot, put in all the ingredients, let it cook for 10 minutes and enjoy!


Tarte au citron meringuée

This is one of my husband’s favorite dessert.  Once he tasted my friend Cath’s homemade tarte au citron meringuée, he immediately asked her to teach me and Cath generously organised an “atelier de cuisine” and showed me how to make it.  When I made this for one of my dinners at home, my son tasted it and asked where I bought it…ha ha ha…I certainly take it as a compliment.

So with Cath’s thumbs up, I am sharing this delicious recipe with you.


Tarte au citron meringuée

Course Dessert
Cuisine Française
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Temps de repos 30 minutes
Total Time 55 minutes
Servings 8


Pour la pâte

  • 220 g farine
  • 135 g beurre temperature ambiante
  • 10 g beurre pour le moule
  • 50 g poudre amande
  • 50 g sucre glacé
  • 1 cc arome vanille

Pour la crème

  • 3 citrons bio zestés et jus
  • 110 g sucre
  • 1 cs maïzena
  • 3 oeufs

Pour la meringue

  • 2 blancs d'oeufs
  • 100 g sucre glacé


Préparation de la pâte sablée

  1. Mettre la farine et le beurre (135g) dans le bol de robot et mélanger (avec le batteur plat)

  2. Une fois que la pâte devient sablée, ajouter le sucre, le poudre d'amande et l'arôme vanille. Mélanger à nouveau.

  3. Ajouter l'oeuf et mélanger encore une minute

  4. Mettre la pâte sur du film étirable et travailler un peu mais pas trop.  Couper la pâte en deux, les aplatir un peu puis fermer les pâtes et laisser reposer au frigo pendant 1/2 heure.

Préparation de la crème :

  1. Battre 3 oeufs dans un bol à part

  2. Dans une casserole, mettre le jus des citrons, zestes, le sucre et le maïzena et faire chauffer à feu doux pendant 2 minutes

  3. Augmenter au feu fort et ajouter les oeufs battus en fouettant sans arrêt jusqu'à cela s'épaissit et devient crémeux. Réserver

Cuisson de la pâte sablée

  1. Préchauffer le four à 180° en chaleur tournante.

  2. Mettre les pâtes entre deux feuilles de papiers sulfurisés et les aplatir avec un rouleau

  3. Beurrer un moule à tarte carré avec fond amovible (24x24cm) et poser une des pâtes.

  4. Remonter le bord avec le reste des pâtes

  5. Laisser un peu au frais avant la cuisson (5-10 minutes)

  6. Egaliser le bord et piquer le fond, le bord et l'angle avec une fourchette

  7. Baisser le four à 160°, faire cuire la pâte pendant 20 minutes

Pour la meringue

  1. Battre les deux blancs d'oeufs (vitesse lente au début puis rapide) pendant 3 minutes.  Quand la neige est montée et devenue ferme, ajouter progressivement le sucre.


  1. Mettre la crème sur la pâte sablée puis étaler le meringue avec une spatule.  Faites des pointes de meringue avec une fourchette ou le dos d'une cuillère (facultatif).

  2. Préchauffer le four au grill à 180°, mettre la tarte et laisser dorer le meringue pendant 1 minute.  Surveiller bien car cela peut cramer très vite.

  3. Conserver au frais jusqu'au moment de servir

Please leave a comment if you would like to have the english version.


Think twice before throwing away your used lemon

It happened when I put an empty jar that I used to put my minced garlic to wash. For a week, my washing machine stank of garlic.  Impossible to make it go away even after several washing cycle.  So I started putting my used lemons by sticking them on the upper level and the smell quickly faded.  What’s left of it was a very pleasant smell and my glasses and dishes looks and smells cleaner.

Lemon is a perfectly natural deodoriser.  When I keep leftover onions (wrapped in cellophane, of course) in my refrigerator, I also put a used lemon next to it to prevent the unpleasant smell.  It has now become a habit and it feels good to “recycle” an used object before getting rid of it.

Bouillon de légumes / volaille fait maison

Have you ever taken the time to read the ingredients of the vegetable / chicken powder or cubes that we use?  I recently did…and immediately decided that it’s time to make my own.  No conservatives, no glutamate sodium, nothing artificial except real organic vegetables (dehydrated at home) and himalaya rock salt.  The result was not bad, I still have some improvements to make but during this period of cold and humid weather, I was able to make plenty of wonton or noodle soup with no second thoughts because I know that there are only fresh products with no added conservative, and not being constantly thirsty afterward!!!

And I love so much my photo that I wanted to post it and let you know that among certain recipes in which I use bouillon, they have all been replaced by my homemade ones.


Cashmere Beanie / Gros Bonnet en cachemire


BeanieWinter is finally here and I was worried that I would spend another cold season without a nice hat to keep me warm.  I have been looking to buy a stylish cashmere hat for two years but couldn’t find any that suits me.  Then one day I came across these super chunky cashmere and thought I could make for myself the beanie that I’ve always wanted. Got quite a lot of compliments for it and had already made several for friends and families.



More Colors

Spring colors

No, no, no, I haven’t been lazy…here you go, I found some new colors for my chained bracelets.  Aren’t they colorful?  Can’t wait for Paris weather to get warmer so we can soon take off our jackets and show off our new accessories.

I wanted to experience other techniques, so I spent time learning how to loom beads and braid friendship bracelets.  Hopefully the new techniques will inspire me to make more creative objects.


Happy Little Valentine

Valentine bracelet

Had lunch with two girlfriends last week and one of them asked me if I can make a Valentine’s bracelet, her 9 year old son wants to “gift it” to his girlfriend.  How cute is that?

Always happy when someone asks me for a special project.  Thanks to the Attic 24’s blog, I was able to find this really cute tiny heart pattern. Please see here for the pattern:  (more…)

Chinese fried noodle with green string beans and minced beef

Fried Noodles w/Green beans and minced chicken

I don’t spend much time cooking, but when I do, the recipe must be easy and quick. I can be VERY patient creating an object, but not for cooking.  Especially on weekends, when we are at our country house, my children love to invite friends over for lunch.  We share the house with my sister-in-law who has 2 boys, so for each meal, we’re always at least 6 or 7.  What best than making a huge plate of fried rice or fried noodles?  Everyone seems to enjoy coming lunch at home.

So here goes my first attempt of posting a recipe: (more…)

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