Welcome to my little space at Fée By Me

Originally from Taiwan, I have been living in Paris since 1995, mother of two magnificent kids and a wonderful husband who encourages and supports me to do what I love : Cook and Create!

3 years ago I created this website to share my handmade creations with you, but with the kids getting older, there seems to be less need creating these cute objects.  In the meantime, I had other projects which took up my time and gone a bit crazy and started to cook a lot.  My friends seems to quite enjoy what I make.  Although there are plenty of Chinese restaurants in Paris, I still miss the childhood home cooking Taiwanese taste.  My mother never liked to cook, but fortunately she still had some signature dishes that I was able to reproduce for my family.  However, my only childhood cooking memory with her was when she made “jiaozi” (dumplings).  She would always solicit me to help her otherwise it takes too long, and how I loved these rare moments.

Why Fée By Me?

When I first decided to start my own brand for my handmade items, it took me a long time to find a name I liked.  No inspirations at all.  Very frustrating since I am supposed to be a creative person!  One day, while watching the music video of a French song called “La Fée”, it was just so evident how I should name my brand.   In French, the word fée (pronounced fay) means fairy but is also the synonym of the word “fait” which means “made”.  Perfect name to define what I do…everything you see on this little space of mine are Fée By Me !

They all have their own stories, I’ve made bits of everything for everyone, mini tooth fairy boxes for my daughter when she lost her first tooth, crocheted a Mario amigurumi key chain for my son when he got his first set of home keys, five bras for girlfriends who participated in the London Marathon to support the Breast Cancer Care…

I also love spending hours cooking, see the ones I love enjoy eating what I make.  And now I want to share all this with you, to continue doing what I love and perhaps let my happiness be a part of your story?