Cashmere Beanie / Gros Bonnet en cachemire


BeanieWinter is finally here and I was worried that I would spend another cold season without a nice hat to keep me warm.  I have been looking to buy a stylish cashmere hat for two years but couldn’t find any that suits me.  Then one day I came across these super chunky cashmere and thought I could make for myself the beanie that I’ve always wanted. Got quite a lot of compliments for it and had already made several for friends and families.



More Colors

Spring colors

No, no, no, I haven’t been lazy…here you go, I found some new colors for my chained bracelets.  Aren’t they colorful?  Can’t wait for Paris weather to get warmer so we can soon take off our jackets and show off our new accessories.

I wanted to experience other techniques, so I spent time learning how to loom beads and braid friendship bracelets.  Hopefully the new techniques will inspire me to make more creative objects.


Happy Little Valentine

Valentine bracelet

Had lunch with two girlfriends last week and one of them asked me if I can make a Valentine’s bracelet, her 9 year old son wants to “gift it” to his girlfriend.  How cute is that?

Always happy when someone asks me for a special project.  Thanks to the Attic 24’s blog, I was able to find this really cute tiny heart pattern. Please see here for the pattern:  (more…)

Chinese fried noodle with green string beans and minced beef

Fried Noodles w/Green beans and minced chicken

I don’t spend much time cooking, but when I do, the recipe must be easy and quick. I can be VERY patient creating an object, but not for cooking.  Especially on weekends, when we are at our country house, my children love to invite friends over for lunch.  We share the house with my sister-in-law who has 2 boys, so for each meal, we’re always at least 6 or 7.  What best than making a huge plate of fried rice or fried noodles?  Everyone seems to enjoy coming lunch at home.

So here goes my first attempt of posting a recipe: (more…)

Totally love this!

Tom Ford - Bare

I was never in the habit of putting on lipstick or lip gloss except when I go to restaurants or on special occasions.  A sweet girlfriend offered me this Tom Ford – Bare lipstick  as a gift and I can’t seem to get enough of it!  Once I’m out of the house, first thing I do now is not searching for my car keys but fishing through my bag for my lipstick.  Several months ago I saw my friend wearing it and I thought it was just beautiful (so is she, of course).  I love it for its color and the texture.  It’s almost nude and moisturizing, gives a very natural look and have the effect of pumping up your lips.


My new toy

Samsung Galaxy Camera

When travelling to Peru last summer for vacation, I saw someone using this camera while visiting the Lake Titicaca and he took marvelous photos.  I am definitely not complaining because I just love my Canon G11, which has taken tons of beautiful photos for me.  However, the big screen, wide angles and beautiful colors from the Samsung Galaxy certainly seduced me, and I have been wanting to get one for quite a while.  Anyway, I was thinking, to celebrate having spent more than a month working on my new website, I deserved something nice for myself.

And here are some thoughts since I started using it (more…)

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